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Small semi-private classes under our cirque du pole tent at the WeckMethod Lab in Downtown/East Village.

320 16th Street



In studio session at our Mission Hills studio are on a temporary poler bear pause while we remain in the purple tier. Don't worry, we've got you covered! You don't have to go back into hibernation this time around. Stay hight with our outdoor and online training options. 



June in for live classes no matter where you are. SDPDA's virtual training collective features Pole Mama Lezah Victoria bringing the studio to you. Sign up for virtual privates with her and keep your practice golden.


Debuting soon with your elite SDPDA Flight Crew.

Stream carefully curated content anytime on your terms. 

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San Diego

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Hello Sunshine. Thanks for stopping by! 

Whether you're preparing for take off or just browsing we're glad you're here. Take a look around, don't be shy. We're here to help make your journey magical.

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San Diego Pole Dance Academy is now a Semi-Private Training Facility. Trust us this is a fantastic change. At this time we are no  longer offering "classes" or large group training with 15-22 people in a class. Semi-private 4 week small group sessions with no more than 6 people and private 1 on 1 sessions are available for booking. NO POLE SHARING! You can expect more YOU time in and out of the studio. The intimate setting of this style means you will have more training time, customized programing, personalized feedback, and more progress.

Own your practice, you deserve it.


Schedule a call with Pole Mama & Owner Lezah Victoria 

Hello Sunshine,

I know trying something new or finding a new pole home can be scary, no worries I'm here to guide you through the process. Together we will go over your intention,  purpose, budget, and availability. From there our studio manager Rachel and myself will take care of the rest. Can't wait to fly with you. 

East  Village 

320 16th Ave

Outdoors - currently open