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Velvet Steel Comp May 16th

Level Up • Perform • Shine

Take your show to the stage

Velvet Steel is the love child of a pole show and a pole competition. The choice is yours in this inclusive amateur competition. Choose your level and your preferred category to represent. 


Competitors are united by their skill level/division but divided by category.  Multiple dance styles will compete against each other under the same skill level/division. Competitors are judged equally on artistic presentation (velvet) and technical ability (steel). 


Don’t be afraid to bring your competition to life and take your show to the stage. This is an amateur competition after all. No previous performance or competition experience is required. 


Novice Level 1 (no inversions)

Novice Level 2 (inversions)

Amateur Level 1 (aerial inversions)

Amateur Level 2 (no restrictions)




Pole Art

Pole Expression

Pole Sport

Competition Requirements

SDPDA Member

Attends 8 Classes/Month

Financial Commitment

Competition Team Dues

$45 Regisration/Division

Venmo @sdpoledance


•Registration Submission and Payment: 11:59 PM March 15th

•Prop Submission: 11:59 PM April 17th

Music Submission: 11:59 PM May 1st 

•Competition Day: Saturday May 16th