The Pole Initiative 


Bloom for Yourself

Hello pole geeks and technicians! 

Are you the student who always asks questions in class?

Do you love when your teacher provides technical breakdowns?

Do you want to know the why or how behind your favorite pole moves?

Are you looking to understand your own personal movement on a deeper level?

Are you looking to nourish your personal practice and create for YOU?

If so, this Masterclass is the perfect place to geek out.

Move from your truth, give yourself the gift of self-discovery, and take a deep dive into technical skills in order to build a toolbox for your personal practice. We enable you with the ability to discover a deep connection to your personal practice through the mind of an educator for your own personal gain. 

June 12-13

June 12 9am-5pm

June 13 9am-5pm



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