Season 6 auditions will be held

in summer 2020


Grow • Perform • Indulge

Semi-professional dance company

INDULGE: An Intimate Pole Affair is San Diego Pole Dance Academy's semi-professional pole dance company directed and choreographed by Lezah Victoria. Established in 2016  Each season is an arrangement of performances which tell stories through the art of pole dance. Indulge is both an exploration of sensuality and deep artistic expression. The pieces provoke audience members to think, feel, and venture on a journey along with the cast. Aside from being a pole show INDULGE is a community deeply rooted in empowerment, support, love, and growth. You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone to grow as a poler, performer, and artist.

Audition Requirements

• SDPDA Member

•Must take 8 Classes/Month